Governance Services

Effective governance needs to match an enterprise’s culture and organization. DNA™ provides the ability to construct both governance and managerial responsibilities as decentralized or centralized as desired.

Identity Management has become a focal point as networks and computer systems become more and more reliant on information sharing and their inter-relationship. Stringent compliance regulations bring a new challenge of establishing the controls and processes needed to mitigate both internal and external risks. Conceptually, an identity can be matched to roles and responsibilities with fine-grained access, meaning access can be defined right down to the most basic elements in the enterprise. In practice, it is time consuming to assign an identity to all people and objects and almost impossible to construct an access set for each employee, leaving little chance, if any, that a fine-grained identity management system can be implemented or maintained. One can conceive of a solution, but without a governance system to manage this complexity, the solution is unworkable. As the business/mission demands on identity management components increase, governance must be holistic. It must provide the means to share information, the ability to apply business policies and regulations, separate duties and roles, prevent conflicts, and be manageable, sustainable and audit-able. Whether you are Securing Against the Insider Threat, attempting to implement Cross Organizational Boundary Information Sharing, Securing the Cloud, or designing and deploying High Assurance Business Processes, DNA™ technology can accomplish it simply.

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