Design Services


Our years of experience dealing first with basic data communications security and authentication, authorization, and auditing requirements have equipped us to understand and address the issues facing any IT environment. We have made this an area of emphasis in recent years as it has become more important. As businesses become ever more interconnected, open, and actively cooperating it becomes increasingly more important to ensure that users are reliably identified and their access to functions and resources is aligned with their business needs. Recent and anticipated future legal requirements for privacy protection and identity safeguards further increase the need for broad security consciousness among all IT personnel.


Prodentity's broad and extensive experience enables us to assist clients in developing a clear understanding of their goals and needs. From these goals and needs functional resource requirements can be identified, described, and quantified.

Process Design

By clearly identifying the necessary steps and their interrelationships we can design minimal, clean, repeatable, and robust processes that achieve clear goals quickly with minimal waste, delays, and overhead. Clean, clear business processes are a hallmark of organizations that know what they need to do and how to do it. The result is a smooth running operation, responsive, efficient, and successful.

System Design

Multiple interacting systems can achieve rapid complex results. They can also be fragile and error prone. We understand these issues and strive for designs which are minimal and efficient yet robust and fault tolerant. From our broad experience using information technology resources in a variety of situations we are able to assemble creative system designs.


Most organizations find it desirable to select and deploy an IT infrastructure designed to be flexible and provide a reliable, robust, standardized, and secure foundation on which to build and deploy their business-specific applications. With our extensive experience in a broad range of environments we understand this need and the concepts and requirements that are the guiding factors in selecting the key elements and integrating them.