Digital Network Authorization (DNA™)

Digital Network Authorization (DNA™) makes it possible to manage your Identity security right to the fine grained access you wish you had, but it has always cost too much and was too complex to maintain.

DNA™ does this in a way that is holistic, reduces costs, and adds a patented way of granting access that allows you to rely on the degree of trust the infrastructure places in the identity and the situation they authenticated under.

Our Technology

DNA's patented concepts can be summarized as follows:

If you want to secure your enterprise, then security has to be in your DNA™.

  • Everything has an identity, not just people, but any device that can be connected
  • Proper authentication alone should not be interpreted as authorization to perform roles and responsibilities
  • Different means of authenticating should be trusted to differing degrees; and different communication pathways (including the confidence that we have that the user's computer isn't compromised), also have different levels of trust; and these differing trusts can impact the assets that can be safely granted access

These three simple tenets combine into what we refer to as Trust Management. A Trusted environment that can be easily managed, can determine the trust of an identity, its location and situation, and dynamically adjust to how much authority is warranted. The result accomplishes these simple goals:

  • Keep out those you want to keep out
  • Let in those you want to let in
  • Limit access to any asset to only those that need access
  • Don't get in the user's way
  • Do it in a simple, easy to understand, flexible way

DNA™ easily integrates and augments existing security solutions. Using our patented Trust Management dynamic access, you can define what identity, trust and responsibilities are needed to fully integrate physical access to office buildings, warehouses and factories, network access to servers and workstations, secure access to data, and even integrated access to legacy systems. Integrate sensors, alarms, detectors or anything else you have. Let DNA™ create an impenetrable, holistic enterprise solution for your toughest security problems.

DNA serves as the core of an integrated solution to logical, physical and asset security. With DNA™, everything in the enterprise must have an identity — from a door, to a person, to a software application. By ensuring that everything in the enterprise must have an identity, trust between enterprise elements becomes a bi-directional process and provides a solid foundation for information assurance.

When converging security in this way, an enterprise doesn't need to consider logical, physical and asset security separately. Converged security spans logical security (data objects, disk volume, networks, databases, services, etc.), physical space (locations, buildings, entrances, vaults, etc.), workstations (fixed or mobile), and domains (management, line, consultant, vendor, etc.).

An enterprise no longer needs to make the tradeoff between greater security and greater convenience. DNA may use dozens of governing rules — not hundreds and thousands. DNA not only increases security by covering all the gaps between existing solutions — it simplifies management and maintenance.

Digital Network Authorization is our DNA

As DNA is the building block for human identity, so is DNA at the core of Prodentity’s DNA™ solution. DNA allows an administrator to create complex objects simply, that can govern personal identities, applications, physical security mechanisms and much, much more. Because we can manage elements of personnel, physical and cyber-security, our patented approach secures the entire enterprise, not its components. The simplest way to think about our solution is this formula: user + role + trust level = asset access. DNA simplifies the administration of security by integrating all enterprise security functions through a common core architecture.

Once deployed, existing connectors can be configured for various enterprise components. The DNA™ connector API can be used to develop connectors to any enterprise component — commercial or custom. You define your DNA.

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