DNA is available through the HP Partner network.

XD Solutions

XD Solutions, based in Vienna, VA, has introduced the XD-1000 One-Way Transfer appliance for secure embedded cross domains solutions. The XD-1000 was designed to be a complete pre-configured off-the-shelf solution to satisfy cross domain transfer requirements. It can be used as a drop-in functional replacement for existing PL-5 accredited one way transfer solutions because it facilitates the collocation of currently certified and accredited components into a single, easy to manage appliance with a simple GUI for set up and configuration. Prodentity’s DNA™ is being integrated into this appliance to assist our intelligence community with managing governance issues in a cross-domain, secure environment.


Prodentity turbo charges Oracle Internet Directory. OID provides an excellent framework and structure for complete security throughout an enterprise and across the internet. The addition of Prodentity’s capabilities makes this framework robust enough to bring security to the next level. These added capabilities extend OID into the physical security realm. Also, it adds a layer of trust that means a user is not given the permission to access an asset because the means or location of authentication is not trusted enough. The reverse is true, that a user with the appropriate authority and the required trust is able to access tightly held, protected information. Lastly, with the addition of trust into the equation, unauthorized or untrusted users can only see assets that are within their realm of authority. And, because the credentials are carried throughout the framework, security holes within an enterprise are virtually eliminated.


DNA is available through the IBM Partner network.

US Government GSA

DNA is available through the GSA Schedule 70.