Mr. Gerard Gagliano - Chairman

Mr. Gagliano is the CEO and Founder of Prodentity. His knowledge gained through government and commercial experience led him to a patented design for enterprise security - Digital Network Authorization (DNA). With over 30 years of experience operating a software solutions company, Mr. Gagliano has led research into projects such as an integrated physical and security solution for the Yucca Mountain Project, and has frequently been a team contributor to various organizations such as the DOE and EarthLink, Inc.

Mr. Tim Lister

Mr. Lister is a noted speaker, consultant in the computer industry, and a principal at The Atlantic Systems Guild, Inc. Mr. Lister is coauthor (with Tom DeMarco) of Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams, Waltzing with Bears: Managing Risk on Software Projects, the popular Achieving Best of Class seminar and Controlling Software Projects: Management, Measurement, and Estimation. He has over 30 years of professional software development experience and works on tailoring software development processes using software risk management techniques. Before the formation of the Atlantic Systems Guild, he worked at Yourdon Inc. where he was an Executive Vice President and Fellow.

Mr. David Tommela

Mr. Tommela has held the titles CIO of BSC, VP of Operations and CIO at Crossgain, Senior VP of Operations at Earthlink, and CIO at Southern California Edison. He has served on numerous advisory boards including IBM Utility segment, Ponte Communications, Inverse, and InfoWorld, and his teams have won several industry awards.

Mr. Michael Mushet

Mr. Mushet has most recently been the director of Technology Integration at BSC. He has held the titles CIO at iBlast, Director of Technology at CrossGain, VP of Engineering at EncrypTix, VP of Information Systems at EarthLink, and Manager of Technology Research, Security and Architecture at Southern California Edison.