Revolutionary Ideas, Evolutionary Implementation

Prodentity’s Digital Network Authorization (DNA™) is dedicated to the simplification of security in the enterprise with:

  • Robust deployment
  • Protection maps showing authorities and permissions at a glance
  • Changes that cascade through the enterprise with a single click
  • Power to work with common hardware and software tools
  • Real-time evaluation of trust adding a third dimension to protection maps
  • Protection that seals the cracks hackers slip through
  • A secure enterprise

Digital Network Authorization’s (DNA™) design enables the type of deployment required to run the enterprise — without stopping everything just to bring in something new. Identify the most valuable assets and include them in DNA’s coverage. Pinpoint a department, group or segment that needs special attention and they are covered — all without disturbing the rest of the enterprise. It is deployment on the enterprise's schedule covering any asset at a planned time, not an all at once effort.

DNA’s protection map provides the only window needed to view how enterprise assets are being secured, who can access them, and when they did. The map makes deployment of security simpler by providing one place to define security strategy instead of the many different places that are part of complex separate solutions. Making security simpler leads to a more robust deployment of security.

When changes are so easily implemented, instantly active and cascaded through the enterprise, there’s no delay between the decision and granting of access. Fast reaction to events is essential to making the enterprise secure. When all the changes cascade automatically, staff spend less time keeping up with maintenance and management changes.

DNA interfaces with the tools commonly used for directory, vital subsystems, real time or forensic assessment applications, and key technology solutions — to mention a few. Integration doesn’t stop with common tools. DNA can power workflow and business processes. Any process, device, application, server, service, device, sensor, data or even physical premises can capitalize on the protection DNA provides. An open interface means DNA can extend a secure environment to every corner of the enterprise.

Trusting where someone is when connecting to the enterprise, what kind of information they used, with what technology and under what conditions — can greatly impact access. DNA provides this information throughout the enterprise and makes it possible to limit or extend access based on special conditions without having to construct complex rules and guidelines. It's a third dimension to the protection map that makes the enterprise more secure without extra work.

Hackers don’t break in with a wrecking ball, steal what they want and leave. They enter where protection is weaker and establish a base. Once in, they may steal a seemingly innocuous bit of information and with it gain access to something more important. Eventually, even the most protected asset is free for the taking. Sealing the cracks that allow hackers in eliminates the ability to ever see those assets. DNA seals the gaps between other solutions — freeing you from chasing every new vulnerability.

All of these DNA features integrated within a network makes the enterprise more secure than any number of fragmented silo solutions. DNA doesn’t replace them, it weaves them together and forms the fabric needed to seal the cracks in any enterprise.

DNA™ is dedicated to the simplification of security in the enterprise by securing assets so only those with the appropriate authorization can access them. For everyone else, it’s like the asset doesn’t exist. That’s complete security that provides an audit trail to communicate any anomalies with the rest of the network. It's an interface designed to make change easy, that seals the cracks left open with silo solutions alone. It's a product that works with all existing tools that finally makes the enterprise secure.